Baccarat with Dragon Bonus

Baccarat with Dragon Bonus

Mini-Baccarat is a very simple game. Below, you will find a brief explanation of how the game is dealt.

1. There are three betting positions for each person sitting at the Mini-Baccarat game. They are Player, Banker, and Tie. Each of these positions represents the possible outcome of the hands. Players may place a wager on either the Player or Banker hand. Players may also place a wager on the Tie bet alone. Players may be permitted to play more than one hand with Shift Manager approval only.

2. To begin the play, two cards are dealt out to each side. The first card is dealt to the Player. The second to the Banker, the third card is dealt to the Player and the fourth is dealt to the Banker. The dealer will first turn up the Player hand and call out the total of the cards. The dealer will then turn up the Banker hand and call out the total of the cards.

3. The highest possible total to any hand is 9. The lowest is 0. The hand (Player, Banker) closest to 9 wins. If both of the hands end up with the same total, it is called a Tie.

4. The total of the first two cards for each hand will determine if the hand will receive a third card or not. Tens and face cards count as 0 or what is referred to as “nothing”. Any other cards count as their face value. When the dealer adds up the hand and the count is higher than 9, the count will then become 0 again instead of 10.

5. The rule that determines whether or not the Banker will get a third card is called the Third Card Rule. Since the Banker does have an advantage ALL winning hands on the Banker side are charged 5% of what they win. We call this charge “commission”.

6. If both Player and Banker have the same total at the end of the hand it is called a Tie Hand and the bets do not win or lose.

7. Each of the hands (Player and Banker) will have either a “Stand Hand” or a “Draw Hand” on the first two cards dealt to them.

Baccarat consists of two hands dealt from a multiple deck shoe using 8 decks. One hand is called the Player’s hand; the other is called the Banker’s hand. Each hand consists of two cards each (minimum), or three cards each (maximum).

After the hands are dealt out and turned up in the designated areas, the cards are totaled and, using the last digit only, the hand closest to nine wins. In other words 16 becomes 6, 20 becomes 0, and 19 becomes 9. If the two hands have the same total the hand is a Tie and neither hand wins or loses. If either hand has 8 or 9 it is called a “Natural” winner.

The cards are valued as follows:
Ace = 1
2 – 9 = Face Value
Tens and face cards = Zero or nothing

Toke Bets: 5% commission will be charged on all winning Bank Toke bets.

The additional Dragon Bonus is a side wager that players can make before any cards are dealt. Like any other normal Baccarat wager, the Dragon Bonus wager can be made on either the Player or the Banker (but not both at once). This wager pays out if the hand on which the bet was made wins with a higher natural point count than the opposite hand. The wager can also pay out if the winning hand is at least 4 points higher than the losing hand.