Head’s Up Hold’em Progressive

Head's Up Hold'em Progressive

As a variant of the favorite Texas Hold’em casino game, Head’s Up Hold’em incorporates Texas Hold’em’s normal betting methods with additional aspects to increase the benefits of play.

How to Play:

Players will first place two equal wagers for Ante and Odds, followed by any side bets, which are optional. They will then receive two pocket cards, allowing them to check or raise their wager to three times (3x) the Ante wager. The dealer will reveal the 3 card flop, and then the player can choose to check or raise two times (2x) the Ante. Once all players have had their turn, the dealer will reveal the 2 card turn and the river. Players can raise the Ante by one (1x) or fold. For the last step, the dealer and players will select from their two pocket cards and the five community cards in order to make their best 5 card hand of poker. The best hand wins!

Optional Side Bets:

  • Trips Plus will win odds of Trips or better from the player’s best hand
  • Pocket Bonus bets will win odds from the player’s pocket cards for a Pair or Ace & Face card
  • Bad Beat Bonus will win odds when the player loses having a Straight or better